Running with Testcontainers

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In order to support Inner Loop integration or Shift-Left scenarios , we’ve worked recently on a stripped down version of Microcks that makes embedding it in your development workflow, on a laptop, within your unit tests possible. This new distribution is called microcks-uber and provides the essential services in a single container as represented below:

As the Uber distribution of Microcks is perfectly well-adapted for a quick evaluation, we don’t recommend running it in production! It doesn’t embed the authroization/authentication features provided by Keycloak and the performance guarantees offered by a real external MongoDB instance.

The original purpose of this Uber distribution is to be used through testing libraries like Testcontainers . Though it’s very easy to launch it using a simple docker command like below, binding the only necessary port to your local 8585:

docker run -p 8585:8080 -it

Testcontainers integration

Microcks now provides official modules for Testcontainers via a partenership with AtomicJar , the company behind this fantastic library! You can find information on the official module on Testcontainers Microcks page .

As of today, we provide support for following languages:

Also below a set of blog posts explaining the benefist and underlying mechanisms this integrations:

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