What is Microcks?

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Microcks is a tool for mocking and testing your APIs and microservices. It leverages API standards to provide a uniform and multi-protocol approach for simulating complex distributed environments and validating service components in isolation.

Microcks facilitates rapid simulation generation, automated API testing, and seamless CI/CD integration, streamlining development and deployment processes. Microcks empowers teams to optimize services and accelerate product releases, gaining a competitive edge.

Microcks is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Sandbox project and a 100% Open Source and community driven initiative.

Who can use Microcks for?

Depending on your profile, you way use Microcks to gain different advantages:

API owner
For API Owners
  • Get instant feedback on design iterations with Microcks powered simulations
  • Leverage Open Standards and ensure re-use for easy communication
  • Share simulations and conformance certification tests kit with your teams and partners
  • Assess and monitor conformance quality risks of your API and services portfolio
For Developers
  • Use Microcks on your laptop to simulate API and services dependencies
  • Leverage your API specifications, GraphQL or gRPC schemas and collections to get free mocks
  • Write Integration Tests the easy-way with our Testcontainers module
  • Get free, no-code contract-testing for all your API and services versions
For Quality Assurance
  • Compose your tests and simulation datasets the way you want via powerful multi-artifacts support
  • Auto-discover new API or services versions and update datasets via Git integration
  • Trigger conformance tests in CI/CD of the API at each and every commit
  • Automate everything via Microcks’ powerful API
For Platform Engineers
  • Provide testing environments as-a-service, at very low cost
  • Guarantee flexibility and scalability thanks to Kubernetes-native deployments
  • Integrate Microcks into your Internal Developer Portal powered by Backstage or Kratix
  • Deploy Sandboxes for internals, partners, customers the easy-way via GitOps

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