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Microcks partners with Postman to shape next-gen multi-protocol API tooling ⭐️

I’m feeling proud and honored to let you know that we’re partnering with Postman , the leading platform for API development, to define the future of multi-protocol API tooling 🚀


From day one, Microcks had the vision of a multi-protocol API ecosystem due to the ubiquitous nature of API. This is especially true at the enterprise level where the technology strata are built over the years. This vision has been confirmed by our growing user base and community.

Currently, numerous API styles and protocols coexist, requiring the need for a uniform way to accelerate and secure their delivery! Our objective remains to establish Microcks as the de-facto standard tool for delivering this unified approach.

We have had numerous discussions with folks at Postman lately and are excited to share that we have their full support for this mission.

The partnership between Microcks and Postman comes at a time when the demand for multi-protocol API tooling is rapidly increasing. As businesses continue to shift towards digital transformation, the need for efficient and reliable API tools has become more crucial than ever before.

What’s changing?

Through this partnership, I became an individual Postman contributor, joining the Postman Open Technologies program. I will work full-time on Microcks to pave the way for API tooling related projects.

I’m also delighted to report that Yacine Kheddache will be joining Postman Open Technologies to help us build the Microcks project and the community. Yacine has been working in the Microcks’ shadows for years, helping me shape the strategy and the roadmap. Kudos mate! 👏

The Microcks team is fully committed to open source software (OSS) and the partnership will help us keep doing our job with freedom and independence. From very early discussions with Postman, the plan has always been to keep Microcks an open source project with a community driven roadmap.

This partnership will benefit the open source community to support the development of open source API tools. Together with Postman, we can create a stronger ecosystem benefiting developers and businesses alike.

Next steps

We all want the Microcks project to be a neutral and independent space where people may collaborate on determining the future of multi-protocol API tooling. One of the next steps for us will be to host the project on a neutral foundation in order to ensure an open governance model and long-term success. We are now in conversations with various OSS parties to determine the best approach.

Pursuing the initiated work, we want to make it standard-based, with a very pragmatic approach and integrated with tools in the API Full Lifecycle & the API Landscape . The challenge ahead of us is enormous, and with Postman’s assistance, we will be able to increase the team, the community and the amount of integrations to offer an even more streamlined user experience.

It means we want to collaborate twice as hard and even more closely with you, the Microcks community! We will require your help in developing our governance model and we hope that the opportunities ahead will encourage you to join and contribute to the project.

In the meantime, we would like to thank Kin Lane , Fran Mendez and Ankit Sobti for their help. Without their assistance, nothing would have been possible. On a personal note: a huge thank you to Anne for coping with all the time spent on this side-project and away from the family these last 7 years. You rock!

The future ahead of Microcks is bright! We can’t wait to hear from you, our vibrant community.

Let’s celebrate! 🎉

Laurent Broudoux

Laurent Broudoux

Co-founder of Microcks | Director of Engineering at Postman Open Technologies

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